Ford Transit 2019 Review

When people think vans they think Ford Transit, and with good reason:  Ford has a habit to carefully listen to customer’s feedback and upgrade and enhance accordingly. That’s probably why Transit is crazy popular everywhere in the world as both passenger and cargo vehicle. So, let’s see what all the fuss is about is and find out what’s new for the 2019 Cargo and the XL and the XLT Passenger Van.

Exterior of Ford Transit

List of Pros

  • Advanced cargo-carrying capability  
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Top-notch, powerful engines
  • Smooth pleasant drive for a van
  • Highly customizable
  • Three roof heights
  • Hinges that allow cargo doors to open wider

List of Cons

  • Can get a bit pricey
  • Can’t tow quite as much as some competitors

Ford Transit Overview

2019 Transit has won the Van category in the 2019 Edmunds Best Retained Value Awards. All of the three newest Transit models are highly versatile and are a 100% capable of fitting the needs of most small businesses as well as play to the day-to-day needs of a large American family. All vans come with  different sub-trims: the basic one, the well-equipped and the loaded or 150, 250, 350.

Additionally you have the option of three different roof heights as well as three different body lengths, numerous door options including the dual side cargo doors or a very comfortable passenger sliding side door. There are 3 fuel-efficient engines to choose from and a regular or long wheelbase options. Transit is very convenient, fun to drive and comfortable. Now, that having been said, let’s get into details.

Ford Transit 2019 Review


A stylish van, with difference between the 150, 250, or 350 roof configuration and body length. The exterior looks whole with the chrome insert grill, low beam headlights and 16 inch wheels. You’ll see beautiful tinted windows in XL and XLT. Overall, there aren’t a lot of changes to the previous years, it’s a solid pleasant modern design.  


FT is really spacious and comfortable, with plenty of cargo and leg room. The standard interior also includes vinyl floor covering, inside rearview mirror, 12V powerpoints, a solid standard entertainment system, and much more. Cargo trim has a nice super-flat floor finish, sturdy and ready to be a stable base for your shelves or storage units.


There are a few great engine choices: the 3.7-liter V6 with 275 hp, then the turbocharged 3.2-liter diesel-powered inline five-cylinder 185 hp. And last, but not least: the turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 with 310 hp. There is also an option for the CNG/Propane engine.


All of the vans can be upgraded to the tech max, though even the standard Ford tech complication is enough to make you feel confident and connected on the road. Moreover Ford has an amazing FordPass app that’ll help you to fully stay in control of your van, start and stop, check fuel, lock and unlock from any distance, check the vans health and have access to the service history on hand. You can check parking, find your car in a packed lot, make payments and do a 101 more things to help you successfully navigate your way through a buzzy day.


Transits are highly customizable, and the price always depends on the added upgrades and accessories. Though, on average, the price varies from 34 630 to 45,205 USD for the cargo and 35 840 – 46 560 USD for the passenger.

Ford Transit Review


The 2019 Transit XL and XLT come with available aisle seating for 10-, 12-, 14- and 15-passenger models.  Overall there are 20 different seating configurations listed on the official company web-site for the passenger vans. Cargo van can comfortably seat three adults in the front.

Climate Control System

The cargo vans come with air conditioning for the front and Transit options for passengers have air conditioning throughout the entire vehicle.

Infotainment System

You’ll have your options of the Ford Telematics, a radio tech boost with Bluetooth, and 6-speaker upgrade combined with a 4-inch multifunction display, USB port, and a CD player, plus voice-activated media player control, HD and satellite radio. Additionally Ford offers the best Sync 3 infotainment with touchscreen.

Storage and Space

Transit cargo can handle 4,640 pounds  and have the towing power up to 7,500 pounds, plus, FT has locking glove box and convenient overhead console.

Ford Transit


Overall, the comfort level is superb: the cabin is very spacious with extremely comfortable seating.

Seat comfort

Ford transit offers top comfort for any size and body shape, you can truly get very comfortable in the driving seat. Plus, the driver’s seat is eight-way adjustable, so you’ll sure to find the best position personally for you.

Ride comfort

The steering is still very direct and responsive. Ride comfort is very smooth, fun and pleasant to drive, plus, the rattles and squeaks common for a van this size is non-existent.


Ride quality is exceptional, 2019 Ford Transit van does look massive, but it actually handles as a large crossover than a truck. Plus, most Transit configurations occupy the same footprint as a full-size pickup. The only thing – you have to be aware of the roof height with the 250-350 models.

Safety & Reliability

The NHTSA gives the Transit 4 stars out of 5 for front-impact protection and five stars for side-impact protection.

Should I Buy the Ford Transit?

It should be an easy choice if you are in the need of a reliable cargo or passenger van.

How Much Does it cost?

34 630 – 45 205 USD cargo

35 840 – 46 560 USD passenger