Ford Taurus Review 2019

Ford has already ended the production on the Taurus this year, along with the Focus and Fiesta. Other than the Mustang and the Fusion, there are no more passenger cars left in Ford’s lineup. Though, in case you’ve just awakened from a brief coma, Ford has announced the plans to kill off most of its cars in the US a while ago. They plan to mostly focus on SUVs and trucks. So, let’s review our last Taurus model currently ranked #8 in Large Cars.

The Pros

  • Good base engine
  • Great infotainment system
  • Noise cancellation is on-point
  • The best safety ratings
  • Gigantic trunk 

The Cons

  • Rear seat space is lacking
  • The front view is sub-par doe to high seating
  • Questionable fuel economy
  • Unimpressive interior

Ford Taurus Overview

Exterior of Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is an OK kind of car. Though it comfortable and ideal for those constantly on the road, there are much better choices available today. Taurus is quiet even at high speeds and the trunk is luxuriously large, plus there is the Ford’s pride: the user-friendly SYNC 3 infotainment system. But, honestly, the drawbacks aren’t few: the gas mileage is terrible, the cabin feels cramped and looks dated. The back seat is great for either kids or your luggage, grown people usually complain. Overall, we’ve had this family car around since the 1980s, and it should have been revamped way more than it was, maybe that’s the reason its popularity dwindled. Taurus comes in 4 trims: the base SE, then we have the SEL and Limited with front-wheel or the all-wheel-drive options and the top SHO all-wheel-drive only option.


The 2019 Taurus has dynamic exterior complemented by a very distinctive front, chrome grille with Ford emblem and Ford’s LED signature lighting. The most impressive trim is, of course, the SHO with the beautiful uniquely designed black mesh grille and chrome-tipped exhausted pipes. The wheels get bigger with each trim starting with the 18-inch for the SE and the SEL and going up to the 20-inch for the SHO trim. 


Interior of Ford Taurus

The 2019 Taurus has a comfortable and quite attractive interior, but it just looks dated compared to what we have available today within the same price range.  Taurus 2019 represents the Ford model that is over a decade old and it really shows. The back seat is uncomfortable for adults, the cabin shouldn’t be described as roomy, and the thick pillars make the cabin feel smaller. On the good side of things: noise cancellation is excellent, interior materials are al of high quality, and the seating is great, very comfortable to get in and out. Edmunds has actually called the 2019 Taurus interior design an “automotive anomaly”.


We have a solid engine with swift acceleration – the V6 3.5-liter engine generating 288 hp is available on  all of the trims except for the top SHO. The Taurus SHO has more to offer with the stronger acceleration doe to the 3.5L EcoBoost engine generating 365 hp. Overall you can count on a pleasantly smooth ride, but test drivers gave a questionable response to performance and composure around corners.


Interior of Ford Taurus 2019

Ford’s awesome SYNC 3 is the only thing bringing that dated interior into 2019. It is a great system with unmatched connectivity and impressive usability, it is extremely user-friendly even for those of us “tech-challenged”. Taurus 2019 also offers Active Park Assist and a professional Driver Assist package as additional options.


Be prepared to spend 27 800 USD on the Taurus base trim, which a great price for a car this size. Then the mid-level trims will start at around 30 thousand and SHO will set you back starting with 42 975 USD. 


The 2019 model seats five people on standard high-quality cloth upholstery. The front seats are more comfortable than the back with enough head and leg-room. Seats are six-way power-adjustable. You can improve the seats with leather upholstery and opt for heated or cooled seats. A power-adjustable the steering wheel is not available with this year’s model. You’ll be able to find two full sets of LATCH connectors in the back seats on all of the trims.

Climate control

The cc is nothing to write home about – it’s dated like everything else inside the cabin, except for the SYNC3.  The driver’s vents can only cool down the driver’s side steering area and the loud vents in the back cannot be shut off, you can only close them.

Infotainment System

The Fords trademark new generation SYNK 3 infotainment system is currently the best there is and it might just be the best thing about the 2019 Taurus. The system is very sophisticated and intuitive and is made to impress even the tech-savvy crowd. The display reacts in a jiff, the smartphone integration is very easy to use, moreover, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard with SYNC 3. 

Storage and Space

The huge trunk is an undeniable benefit for any family: you’ll have 20.1 cubic feet of storage space available at your disposal. That can actually compete with a crossover type of cargo space. Plus, the rear seats do fold, so, if needed, the storage space can be further expanded.


Interior - Ford Taurus

The Taurus can in fact be called a very comfortable car, the ride is pleasant, seats are comfortable and infotainment is modern and user-friendly. But, claustrophobic-like cabin feel, compromised visibility, inexplicably high seating don’t really add much to the comfort level.

Seat comfort

This five-seater will comfortably seat two adults in the front and kids in the back. The front seats are comfy and offer decent lumbar support, plus, the level of comforts can be boosted with the heated or ventilated seat option. A bit of advice: bring the whole family along for the test drive, just to be sure you’re all comfortable in your seats. 

Ride comfort

Taurus provides a pretty smooth and fun ride and creates a quiet environment with the well-isolated engine and minimal wind noise. 


Drivers do praise the FT suspension that makes long rides more comfortable. You’ll feel in control and most of the road bumps will go unnoticed. 

Safety & Reliability

The NHTSA gave the Taurus a five-star overall rating for its crash protection. There are some key safety features and functions missing that are only available for the lux trims.

Should I Buy the Ford Escape?

It is a good Ford car, so if you are on a budget and in need of a safe family car – take the Taurus for a test drive and see how you feel about all of the drawbacks. Just might happen you won’t mind any of them. But, keep in mind, that almost every other large car is a better value for your hard-earned cash

How Much Does it cost?

27 800 USD – 42 975 USD