Ford Focus 2018 Review

Unfortunately, the Focus was dropped from the Americas lineup last year. Though, 2018 was the end of the story for this iconic car in the US, Ford will keep on manufacturing the Focus in other parts of the world. So, let’s say thank you to 20 fantastic years the Focus gave us and look closely at the last year’s model. And for those devoted enthusiasts feeling too sad to let go: don’t worry, Ford will ship brand-new 2019 Focus from China by the end of this year. However, from the looks of it, apart from the “Focus” badge the new 2019 china manufactured version will be unrecognizable. 

The Pros

  • Smooth ride even on rough bumpy roads
  • Very quiet ride 
  • Advanced tech-focused cabin
  • Sporty handling
  • Impressive lineup of available engines  

The Cons

  • Top-notch safety aides available only on top-tier trim
  • Insufficient space in the back seat
  • Acceleration is so-so, especially in the 1.0 liter engine 

Ford Focus Overview

2018 Focus has made it to the top 10 on most of the expert charts. Ford has produced a solid sporty vehicle, that is reliable, handles well on the road, quiet and offers consumers almost personalized car by offering just too many awesome choices. The Focus comes in two body styles, there are 4 main trim levels (S, SE, SEL and Titanium), an electric variant (the Electric) and two additional choices with EcoBoost turbocharged powerful engines (the 297 hp ST and 350 hp the RS).

Overall, sedan or hatchback, it quickly became the fun-to-drive bestseller last year. Actually, there are only a few cars that are as fun to drive on our roads today. The vehicle is very advanced-tech oriented, very responsive and reliable. Moreover, it’s a great value for the money king-of car. And, one of the best things might be the upper trim tech package: for just 5 dollars shy of 800 you’ll get the lane-keeping alert, automatic high beams, the alert for cross traffic and the blind-spot monitoring. 


Exterior of Ford Focus

The 2018 Ford Focus sedan and hatchback both look attractive, though the hatchback stands a few steps higher with its much sleeker sportier style. Both the sedan and hatchback are well-proportioned and though there are some changes, the iconic Focus look is easily recognizable. There are 13 stunning exterior colors to choose from. All of the trims above the base have the beautiful alloy wheels and the two powered-up engine choices do look more like race cars with their aerodynamic enhancements.


Interior of Ford Focus

The interior is well-crafted and thought-out: all of the controls are placed comfortably within reach, display sits in the right easy to see place. It is roomy, though mostly in the front, the back seat is better suited for children. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the overall seat comfort on all trims, it is easy to get in and out of. 


You’ll definitely have your choice of engines with the 2018 Focus. Most of the models come equipped with the 2 liter one that can generate 160 hp. The upper trim and the SE beefed-up with the sports package have automated-manual transmission. The SE Sedan is equipped with a turbocharged 1 liter that offers 123 hp, the Electric generates 143 hp and the two EcoBoost turbocharged engines on the ST and the RS are 2 liter and 2,3 liter capable of generating 252 hp and 350 hp accordingly. The Focus offers a very comfortable ride even on rough surfaces and over bumpy roads, you will definitely enjoy the sporty steering and its confident handling around turns. Focus brakes easily: you’ll be able to have a strong grip on your car even in a panic stop. As for the drawbacks, we’ve found a couple: there is a bit of a body roll and the acceleration is nothing to write home about, especially on the lower grade trim.  


Even the base trim is a solid pick tech-wise, it’s not the advanced Titanium, though you’ll get your essentials like the rearview camera, keyless remote entry, SYNC infotainment system, that should really be upgraded to the SYNK3 right away, AM/FM/CD/MP3 radio, Bluetooth, and the USB port. Four speakers, the MyKey feature, tilt/telescoping steering column, AC and voice recognition all come standard. Of course, going up the trims the tech features will get extremely better. 


The average price you’ll be able to find for the 2018 Focus is from 13 000 USD and it goes up to almost 29 K. As for the used options, depending on the overall condition and the features, you can start your search at 12 K. 


Standardly the Focus seats 5 grown adults, though three of them won’t be that comfortable. Rear seats are foldable. As for the upholstery, the standard cloth is just fine, it’s a good quality material. Of course, you can opt for the leather on the top trim and Electric variant has eco-fabric. 

Climate control

The Focus dual-zone climate system is a solid CC that’ll allow you to easily create a comfortable environment inside.  

Ford Focus Review

Infotainment System

The SYNC 3 infotainment is the only system to get on your Focus or any other Ford. The SYNK 3 is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface. You can easily integrate your smartphone and boost your tech features and functions with the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. 

Storage and Space

Interior space is comfortable with just enough places for storage. There are numerous storage spots for small things, cup holders, and even a perfect place for your phone. Trunk space is a bit above average with 13.2 cubic feet. 


It is an extremely comfortable car in the front row, so if you’re riding with only one passenger, you will love your Focus. Overall, climate control would create a pleasant environment, the ride is quiet and smooth and the SYNK 3 is all a modern driver can dream about. 

Seat comfort

All of the seats are comfortable, firm and supportive. But, the back seat is cramped, adults definitely need more leg and headroom. 

Ride comfort

We can honestly say that the ride comfort is up there with the best of them. The Focus offers the suspension that can make your ride seamless. You’ll come to think there aren’t any bumps on our roads anymore.


The ride doesn’t feel buzzy even on rough roads. Some reviews have stated that acceleration is rather underwhelming, especially on the 1.0 liter engine. 

Safety & Reliability

The IIHS test results weren’t all a slam-dunk, the Focus got a “Good” in four crash tests and “Acceptable” in the driver-side small overlap front crash test and NHTSA gave five stars in frontal and side crash tests and four stars in a rollover test. 

Should I Buy the Ford Focus?

You should definitely take it for a test drive. The Focus is a bestseller: it is affordable, easily upgraded and fun to drive.

How Much Does it cost?

13 011 USD – 28 781 USD