Ford Fiesta Review

Sadly, this is the last year for the Ford Fiesta, soon it’ll exit Americas market, truly the end of an era. Ford is keeping its promise on drastically reducing the number of manufactured cars and fully focusing on trucks and SUVs. For this year’s final model Fiesta will be, as it always was, very affordable. In addition to that, the 2019 model is reliable and fun to drive, so let’s find out if the last US Fiesta will be able to meet your expectations.

The Pros

  • Very attractive price-tag
  • Pleasant exterior
  • Sporty fun ride
  • SYNK 3 infotainment system
  • Good entry-level trim performance
  • Well-made cabin
  • The new sporty look for the ST trim
  • Solid in-the-city car
  • Optional Sony sound system

The Cons

  • Cramped second-row seats
  • Insufficient cargo space
  • Mediocre safety ratings
  • Small interior
  • The automatic transmission is nothing to write home about
  • Titanium top trim no longer available
  • Uncomfortable seats
Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Overview

It’s a real shame we have to say goodbye to Fiesta, if nothing else, it was always a solid in-the-city car with a very attractive price tag and stylish appearance. Most of the reviews point to a confident comfortable ride, extremely pleasant feel behind the wheel, including communicative steering and a very light fun drive. Moreover, this subcompact will save you some cash on the road – the fuel-efficiency is awesome. Though as far as modern advanced safety features go, we do have better options available to us.  

Fiesta offers more than enough power with its 1.6-liter engine generating 197 hp. The 2019 Model is available in 2 body styles and five trims, the Titanium trim was discontinued for this year.  So, if you’re set on Fiesta, you can choose between the lowest grade S trim, moving up to SE and SE-Hatchback, and lastly Fiesta ST-Line and the sporty all-new Fiesta ST.


Exterior of Ford Fiesta

One of the reasons we’re sad to see Fiesta go – is it made our streets look stylish and attractive. We usually see a very poor effort by the lower price-tag subcompact: those cars often look their worst, or, if we’re being honest – ugly. Ford’s Fiesta always stood out in that crowd with modern designer exterior colors and an up-to-date sleek design. This year Fiesta has kept its sportier look that is complemented by the more aggressive bigger wheels and two chrome exhaust pipes.


Interior of Ford Fiesta

Overall, a solid quality interior, surprisingly enough, with that price tag, you’ll be hard pressed to find cheap-looking materials. Of course, moving up to higher trims, the interior will get much better, you’ll love the upscale ST, with the top-notch material, sunroof, heated front seats and advanced tech. The insulation is on-point, the SYNK 3 infotainment is awesome, and everything is within reach and functional. The only drawback is the seating, the comfort level isn’t all that great in addition to the lack of space for the second-row passengers, plus, there’s no central armrest.


Ford actually has decent engine choices for you. First three trims are equipped with the 4-cylinder 1.6-liter capable of generating 120 hp. And the sporty top-tier model has Ford’s EcoBoost or turbocharged 1.6 4-cylinder with a 197 hp available to you. All of the trims are FWD, which can get a bit annoying during those snow-on-the-road months. So, if you have long snowy winters, Fiesta isn’t the best choice for you. But, note, that none of the subcompacts we have on the market today have an all-wheel-drive option. Overall, it’s fun to drive; car is highly responsive with firm handling and sporty dynamics.


There is a lot of standard tech features available this time around, even the lower-grade trim has nice tech options. Your standard pack will include a display, radio with 6 speakers, AC, RW monitor, couple of USB’s, tilt/ telescopic steering wheel, keyless option, power door locks, Hill Start Assist, standard SYNC infotainment system – all of this just for the basic inexpensive trim. Moving up tech only gets better.  


Undoubtedly, one of the best on the market today: great value for money. Starting at 14 260 USD for the base S, you’ll only have to go a thousand or so up for the much better SE. The full-blown Fiesta ST starts at 22 215 USD.


The Fiesta is a five-seater with an OK level of comfort in the front and a bit of a letdown moving back to the second row.  Ford offers standard cloth upholstery and the two front seats are manually adjustable. Leg and headroom in the front are up to par, but only in the front. Higher trims offer better upholstery options, up to luxury leather as well as heated seating.

Climate control

The Fiesta has an automatic climate control system.

Infotainment System

SYNK is actually an OK system, but the newest Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system is  hands down an exceptional system well worth an upgrade. It is widely praised for its user-friendly interface, HR graphics, and easy Android/iPhone integration.

Storage and Space

While the Fiesta is generally on the smaller side of available on the market cars, the cabin is actually well thought-through and there’s more than enough places for your personal items and beverages. But, if we’re talking cargo space, well, there’s not much to be said – it’s definitely lacking.

Ford Fiesta 2019


Overall, the Fiesta has definitely lost this one to the competition, though it is very quiet and fun to drive, both the seating and the riding comfort are subpar for its class.

Seat comfort

The seats aren’t very comfortable, in the back even more so.

Ride comfort

The interior is pleasant and the ride is one of the quietest on the market today. The Fiesta is fun to ride and the cabin is mostly well thought-through. But, the seats aren’t comfortable which takes heaps out of the overall comfort level.   


We can honestly say, as far subcompacts go, the Fiesta doesn’t measure up to the competition: ride quality feels a bit rough due to the short wheelbase.

Safety & Reliability

The NHTSA gave the Fiesta 4 out of 5 on all of the tests.   

Should I Buy the Ford Fiesta?

If you’re shopping for an attractive fun-to-drive car and you’re unwilling to spend much on your new ride – Ford Fiesta is a great choice for you. Though, there are more than a few drawbacks: uncomfortable seating, Insufficient cargo space, overall subpar level of comfort and need to watch out for that snow, you can surely do better.

How Much Does it cost?

14 260 USD – 21 461 USD