Ford Escape Review

We have already seen the 2020 Escape on Ford’s Twitter account with a description: “Best-ever Escape performance, unrivaled flexibility, and smart new technology”. And, since Ford has overhauled the Escape just twice in 18 years, this is a big deal for the crossover fans and Ford has huge hopes that all sedan and hatchback drivers will switch to the car-based Escape. However, while Ford is building-up the Escape 2020 hype, we still have the 2019 version that is one of America’s best-selling Ford nameplates and holds the 6th place in Compact SUVs. 

The Pros

  • More than enough cargo space
  • Clever and impressive storage layout for small items
  • Sedan-like quality ride
  • Ford SYNC 3 tech
  • 0 to 60 acceleration with the 2.0-L turbocharged engine
  • Loaded with drivers aids
  • 3 500 pounds of towing capacity

The Cons

  • Insufficient fuel economy
  • Outdated control paned
  • Base trim and SE engines aren’t great

Ford Escape Overview

The 2019 Escape does have some completely new features; though don’t expect it to be very different from its 2018 version. Traditionally, Escape has a good sedan-like quality ride, decent tech update and very generous storage and cargo space. The noteworthy newest changes include the added keyless entry or the push-button ignitions on the SE as well as SEL trims. There is also a huge benefit for all of the Ford vehicles in a form of SYNK 3 infotainment system, standard on the top trims. Overall, Ford Escape is a very decent compact SUV, a solid Ford family car. 

2019 Ford Escape comes in four different trim levels, the base and the middle S and SE, and the two top trims – SEL and Titanium. Unfortunately, the base is nothing to write home about. Of course, the top Titanium is a luxurious choice, but the upgraded engine, quality wheels, and abundance of available add-on options make the SE a good choice to consider. 


Ford Escape Review 2019

The 2019 model is a third-generation Escape that is generally a bit smaller. The exterior isn’t overcrowded, there are HID headlights with the fog lights below, a stylish Ford signature grille with ford emblem right in the middle. Exterior has the very in-demand capless fuel fill port. Furthermore, Escape comes in nine exciting exterior colors.


Interior of Ford Escape 2019

The 2019 Escape has a roomy, attractive interior with the intuitive user-friendly tech. The quality of materials fully depends on the trim level. Overall, materials feel durable and well-put-together with noticeable craftsmanship. The cargo and storage space is well above average and another great perk: the cabin is extremely quiet even at highway speeds. As for the dashboard – the design needs a serious revamp.


Escape has 3 engines: the Base SE trims engines are nothing special. The base engine is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine generating 168 hp, there are definitely more-powerful and fuel-efficient engines available for the Escape. The other choices are the 179 hp turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and 245 hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder  – the most powerful of the three. 


Interior of Ford Escape

Unlike many in the car manufacturing industry, Ford seems to have a strong grip on new advanced tech and their now-famous SYNC system is the proof of that. Today we have the upgraded SYNK 3 and it is hands-down the best infotainment system on the market today.  Moreover, the company provides a long list of optional drivers aids, though even the base trim has a rear-view camera and blind-spot mirrors. Available features also include remote start, dual-zone automatic cc, adaptive cruise control, assisted pre-collision braking, a nice navigation system, voice control and much more. 


Generally, the price ranges from a very affordable 24 105 USD and goes up to 34 120 USD. As previously mention, there are better choices within this price range. 


The Escape seats five people in two rows of seats. You have your standard cloth upholstery along with the manual adjustment for the two front seats and, of course, you can opt for the power-adjustable seats with soft-touch leather upholstery. 

Climate control

Escape has a solid dual-zone CC that’ll keep you comfortable in any weather. Air conditioning is superb, you’ll be able to quickly cool down the cabin even when it’s way over a hundred degrees outside. As for the vent placement – Ford could have done better.

Infotainment System

The Fords trademark new generation SYNK 3 infotainment system is currently the best there is. The system is very sophisticated and user-friendly, it is voice-activated with a standard 4.2-inch display screen. The menu is very intuitive and simple, with great signage that is easy to read. Of course, SYNC 3 is easily integrated with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Storage and Space

One of the greatest selling points on 2019 Ford Escape: tons of cargo space. You’ll have up to 68 cubic feet of cargo space with the folded second row of seats, and up to 34 cubic feet behind the second row when all of the seats are in the upright position. There are enough of pockets, cup holders, and storage spaces for smaller items strategically placed throughout the cabin. 


Escape is roomy and very quiet, with comfy seats, great cutting-edge tech and a lot of add-ons that overall offers a quality comfortable experience. Though, quality of materials and engine power on the lower trims are sub-par and the ride quality is great only on smooth roads. 

Interior of Ford Escape 2020

Seat comfort

Escape has pleasant cloth or lux seat upholstery, they are highly adjustable and have sufficient lumbar support, though, the seats could be a bit wider to accommodate the larger passengers.

Ride comfort

The seats aren’t great for all body types, a bit of a bumpy ride should be expected and the cc vents are not comfortably placed. As far as delivering a very comfortable ride, you can find a better choice. 


Escape’s sporty handling and potent available engines set it apart, though it takes away from the ride comfort. The firm suspension tuning gives the Escape a bumpy ride, it isn’t aggressive, though enough to be noticed. Other crossovers SUVs provide much more comfortable quality of the ride. 

Safety & Reliability

The NHTSA gave Escape the best mark, five out of five, on the crash test results in frontal and side crash tests, but in the rollover crash tests FE scored 4. 

Should I Buy the Ford Escape?

If you are looking to purchase a crossover and have decided on Escape – go for the SEL trim, but, note that you can get a better value for this price tag.

How Much Does it cost?

24 105 USD – 34 120 USD